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My Interests and Activities

somewhat difficult to organize this stuff, but here goes.

Been Reading

Machine Learning Stuff

i had a potential employer ask me this question. really good question to ask someone.

Do you work on personal technical projects outside of work? If so, what do you enjoy working on in your spare time?

Yes, much of what I do for 'fun' is actually a tech project or activity in some form or another.


Focused Online Activities:

Home Projects:

  • OpenMediaVault-based NAS + NextCloud / LetsEncrypt for external access
    • uses for container orchestration
    • contains 3 decades of media and personal files accessible by all major file access protocols
  • Plex server
    • also portainer-based (separate system), and access files on the NAS
    • makes all the media available to family members outside the house
  • linux on various things
    • an old acer netbook to be used as a 'remote control' via vnc to a notebook running ubuntu in order to use clementine to play music in the office
    • a defunct notebook in order to use serial port to control a Denon Home Theater system that I bought at Goodwill which didn't have the remote
  • raspberry pi
    • in the middle of a project using audio detection to switch TV to another channel when a commercial comes on (I hate commercials)
      • uses IR output to a chained CircuitPythonExpress board to change channels
    • various attempts at mole motion detection to alert for mole activity
      • image capture from android webcam software on burner phone pipelined to successive image analysis function
  • built a fixture to hold 3D objects for photogrammetry photo sessions
    • goal is to analyze stone artifacts to assess human use modalities
  • Blender - develop microbiological animations for drug development corporate websites
  • setup 2 different computers with Makecode for my grandkids
  • whacked on AWS Deepracer for a time as part of an activity with our local hackerspace
  • mess with domains (about 30) and hosting for various ideas
  • personal website using MkDocs,, and github actions -